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Welcome to the Movideo developers website. Here you will find all the information and tools to build video applications and integrate Movideo into your website. If you require help please contact us at support@movideo.com.

Getting Started
Getting Started Integrating Movideo into your website
Integrating Movideo into your native mobile application
Common Terms
Transcoding Best Practices
Working with Images
Facebook Integration
Drop Box
Live Streaming
Video SEO
Supported Platforms
Media API
Media API Introduction to the Media API
Media API Endpoints
Media API Console
Media API FAQs
Write API
Write API Introduction to the Write API
Write API - Playlist
Write API - Rating
JavaScript Development Explore the JavaScript SDK
Introduction to JavaScript UI Widgets

Media Player
Media Player Development Universal Player
Media Player Console
Customising the Media Player
Streaming to Apple iOS Devices

Developer FAQs
JavaScript Development List of developer FAQs
Using the iframe player
Custom social sharing URLs in the Movideo Flash Player
Client application development checklist
AdURLPreProcesser support in the Movideo Flash Player
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